You have an idea for a great new site and you've started building the logic. But now you need to figure out how to manage users, isolate data, and finally you'll need to sell and manage licenses. Now what?
Secure it with UE Auth

What do you want to build, Identity Management, or your great new idea?

UE Auth is a hierarchical model of user classification and administration. At the very top is the Super Admin (SA). This level can access any product or domain within the system. The next level of administration is the Product and Product Admins (PA). Products represent specific applications that you wish to manage through UE Auth. Product Admins can administrate all domains and users within their product. The last level is the Domain level, which allows for multi tenant access to a single product. Domains also have an admin (DA) and these admins can manage users within their domain specifically.

Domains are Licensed to a product 1 to 1. These licenses can be free or part of a subscription which is charged a monthly fee. This is the beauty of the UE Auth Domain model. A single product can create instances of itself for B2B or B2C access and management. Each instance can be configured and billed at different rates depending on what options the Product has defined.

There are a lot of reasons to consider UE Auth, but it basically boils down to 3 scenarios:



You want to sell domain level subscription based access. UE Auth isn’t just another authentication strategy like Facebook or Google. We allow you to manage access, roles, and licensing of your product as it relates to the users registered to that product.

Exclusive Access

User Invites

You want exclusivity with self service. UE Auth allows you to manage user access exclusively through invitations. This allows you to make sure your product has an exclusive user base. Once invited, UE Auth allows the user to largely self service their own needs, lowering the maintenance burden of administering such a system.

Platform Experience

Common User Base

You want to build a Platform Experience across multiple products. When users register to a UE Auth product, they are joining a shared user platform and they will be able to access multiple products on that platform with a single username and password.

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